Technical Specification

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Upgrade Availability per market and model year

93SS D223L 2.2 2004

 Hirsch 145HP MT5Hirsch 145HP MT5Hirsch 145HP MT6Hirsch 145HP MT6
Availability statusAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable

Availability states:
- the engine doesn't show up at all: no upgrade available
- "Available": All IPRO dealers in this country can upgrade the related engine
- "Coming soon": Upgrade and homologation available soon
- "Trial version only": Upgrade available for dealer demonstrator cars, homologation papers available soon
- "Requires Hardware": Software and hardware required for this type of upgrades
- "Requires condition attestation": Cars older than 5 years or with more then 100'000km should be checked through your local Saab dealer before upgraded.
- "Not Available in your market": Software available but no homologation for your country/market
- "Not Available": Product has been phased out and is not available any longer