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Platform Model Engine Trans. Description Power Original Torque Original Power Upgraded Torque Upgraded Availability Status Details
93SS 1.8t B207E MT5 150hp 240Nm 195hp 310Nm Available Info
AT5 Info
2.0t B207L MT5 175hp 265Nm 195hp 310Nm Available Info
AT5 Info
2.0T B207R MT5 210hp 300Nm 230hp 350Nm Available Info
AT5 Info
MT5 252hp 370Nm Not available Info
AT5 350Nm Not available Info
2.8T B284L AT6 250hp 350Nm 275hp 400Nm Available Info
MT6 Info
1.9TiD (8V) Z19DT MT6 With DPF only 120hp 140hp Available Info
1.9TiD (16V) Z19DTH AT6 C9 150hp 320Nm 175hp 350Nm Available Info
MT6 370Nm Available Info
AT6 C9 No DPF 150hp 320Nm Available Info
95 2.0t B205E MT5 150hp 240Nm 210hp 320Nm Available Info
MT5 BioPower 180hp 280Nm 220hp 340Nm Available Info
AT5 150hp 240Nm 220hp 340Nm Available Info
2.3t B235E MT5 185hp 280Nm 220hp 360Nm Available Info
2.3T Aero B235R MT5 Top speed 260km/h 260hp 350Nm 300hp 400Nm Not available Info
1.9TiD Z19DTH MT5 150hp 320Nm 175hp 370Nm Available Info
AT5 350Nm Available Info
MT5 w/o oil level sensor 150hp 320Nm 175hp 370Nm Available Info
AT5 350Nm Available Info

Availability states:
- the engine doesn't show up at all: no upgrade available
- "Available": All IPRO dealers in this country can upgrade the related engine
- "Coming soon": Upgrade and homologation available soon
- "Trial version only": Upgrade available for dealer demonstrator cars, homologation papers available soon
- "Requires Hardware": Software and hardware required for this type of upgrades
- "Requires condition attestation": Cars older than 5 years or with more then 100'000km should be checked through your local Saab dealer before upgraded.
- "Not Available in your market": Software available but no homologation for your country/market
- "Not Available": Product has been phased out and is not available any longer